About Home Junction

Connect. Share. Learn.

Home Junction® is a data driven company, having compiled over 90 unique data layers, including U.S. homes, businesses, schools, community features, demographics, parks, topography, boundaries, crime, and much more. Integrating these unique data sets into a defragmented, real-time, interactive search experience that is visually engaging and personally relevant to the user creates a one-stop information source for our customers' websites. Never before have consumers been able to eliminate the need to research multiple websites to gather the information needed to make an informed decision. Never before have real estate portals, brokers and agents been afforded the use of such a depth of information combined with a consumer engaging interface from one source.

Our mission is all about creating a consumer real estate online search experience that is unparalleled anywhere else, and our strategy is all about empowering our customers to deliver that experience. In fact, Home Junction® has no plans to create a consumer-facing website, but rather, we will partner with and enable the real estate business community to enhance their own products that already touch other real estate service providers and/or real estate consumers. Our desires are to continually improve the user's experience in order to develop brand loyalty for the host website and support the local Agents and Brokers as experts in their respective communities. We are a 'friendly' background technology provider whose intention is to assist others in enhancing and leveraging their own brands. We want to become your partner-in-success.